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VirtualLab Data
Recovery Software

Regardless of the reason for data loss, VirtualLab can get your data back quickly, easily, and all from the convenience of your own home.

When data recovery first burst onto the technology scene, most data-loss scenarios called for the compromised data to be physically sent in to a data
recovery lab, where teams of specialists would rebuild and repair your drive in a sterile "clean room". This practice was not only costly and time-consuming, but extremely inconvenient.

We know what its like to lose data, and here at Binary Biz, we don't want you to be without your valued files for a second longer then necessary. That is why we developed VirtualLab, the world's leading data recovery software.

VirtuaLab Data Recovery software can recover data from virtually any data-loss scenario. With our fast, easy install and simple setup process, you can be repairing your lost data within minutes of downloading VirtualLab. From damaged partitions and deleted files to virus attacks and formatted hard drives, VirtualLab is the number one solution to your data recovery needs. Why wait and worry while the future of your data in the hands of someone else? Download VirtualLab, and get your data back today.

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