Deleted Partition Recovery Wizard

Deleted Partition Recovery Wizard

Advanced scanning wizard helps locate your lost partitions with ease. Even formatted partitions can be fully recovered.

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A hard disk is typically divided into several partitions. While the primary partition is used in order to load the operating system, the other partitions are used in storing data. The main advantage of having different partitions is that even if something happens to the operating system, our data won’t be affected at all. However, what if a partition of your laptop or computer has been deleted? In such cases, a deleted partition recovery is what you need.

Why do you need it?

Well, you need it to recover your deleted partition. Just imagine yourself staying up all night preparing your reports to the point where you didn’t even noticed that you have slept with your head on the table and upon waking up in the morning and opening your laptop or computer, an error message occurs, telling you that your partition has been deleted. It’s not like you have enough time and energy to re-do your work again from scratch. So, you are left with no other choice but to perform deleted partition recovery.

How can your partition be deleted?

There are various reasons for your partition to be deleted and the most common reason is virus attack. These are the programs that are capable of damaging data structures and the file system as well. Another possible cause of deleted partition is your file system being corrupted. After all, once your file system has been damaged or corrupted, then the partitions becomes raw, resulting to the stored files not being able to be located anymore. On the other hand, when you reformat your hard drive, your partitions may also be removed or lost. So, deleted partition recovery is a must.

How can you recover your deleted partition?

One way for you to recover your deleted partition is by performing a disk scan and there a lot of tools out there that would allow you to do that. You need to perform a scan on the area where the information regarding your partitions is stored. Through it, your partitions would be located and identified. It can also restore file structures and folders as well. It is the best option for you if you wanted to save time in performing data recovery on your partitions.

On the other hand, as you are about to perform deleted partition recovery, your first priority should be looking for the content that has been lost in the drive. With the help of recovery software, the lost partition is scanned in temporary drives. If in case the content has been overwritten by a new one, then only the partial files would be retrieved. Apart from that, there is also a need for you to know that it can also perform damaged master boot record recovery and so, the Windows Boot procedure would then take place. This process plays an important role in locating the lost partition table and eventually recovering it. So, worry no more if one day you woke up with your deleted partitions for a deleted partition recovery is very much possible.