Recover Lost Photos from SD Cards

Recover Lost Photos

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SD cards or memory cards are great at storing any form of data files. Popularly, they are memory chips that can use on various electronic devices like MP3 players, digital cameras, iPhones, PCs, GPS receivers and a lot more.

In most situations, such memory chips can be used to store photo files in a digital camera as well as store MP3 files, office documents, PDF, videos and all sorts of data. You can possibly store the said files for thousands of years. But in some case, there is always the possibility of deleting files, specifically photos from your memory card, either knowingly or unknowingly.

When such incidence happens, you don’t have to worry a lot since chances of recovering the deleted file is highly possible, providing that you know the proper steps to take. You should stop adding more photos to your card and look for the best photo recovery avenues.

Simply follow the steps below to recover lost photos.

1. Stop using the SD card
Photo recovery is made possible since the SD card is merely like a hard drive to the camera or any devices. The card will not delete the photo file body and only leaves as it is after losing or deleting a picture or even multiple pictures. The pictures simply disappear from the list of files. The SD card is a rewriteable medium, thus some or all of the pictures in it might have been overwritten. So, it is best not to write to that card you have to recover photos anymore until the options for recovering deleted photos have been pooped.

2. Download and run a data recovery software
You will need a good photo recovery software to save your lost photos. Make sure it is compatible with your camera. Today, you will find photo recovery tools that run with the most popular cameras such as Panasonic, Sigma, Olympus, Fuji, Canon, Sony, Nikon and Kodak. Also, check if the tool is able to recover lost or deleted photos from your SD card. The one you’re about to buy must be capable of doing the same. The better ones can provide rapid scanning and include key features that can help you save lots of time, easy to use interface and CPU friendly operation.

3. Do the process of photo recovery
When you have already chosen your preferred recovery tool, now is the right time to do the process of photo recovery. You don’t need to be expert in this field because the process is just simple and easy to use. You can ask the help of a friend or a professional if you really want to ensure everything will turn out good. You will not spend large sums of money, anyway.

Your SD card should remain connected to the PC as you launch the photo recovery tool. This may take you some minutes before completing the process. The Help!
photo recovery tool will retrieve all your lost/deleted photos. Towards the end of the scan, you will be equipped with the list of found photos.