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Recover Deleted Email from Outllook and Thunderbird

VirtualLab scans your Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird files and will recover deleted emails left in your system. Accidentally erased that important memo? or photos to your kids? VirtualLab can get it back today. Try our software free and see how it works for you. Recovering deleted emails has never been easier!

When you click the deleted email button in VirtualLab's main menu. You'll instantly see all your emails and deleted emails. Switch between deleted and all your email. You can also add extra mail accounts by selecting the correct mailbox file.

VirtualLab supports Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird email accounts. VirtualLab will not work with online email accounts like Hotmail or Yahoo (unless you connected using a POP account). VirutalLab will only work if the mail is physically stored on your computer, not on a server.

By downloading a free trial of VirtualLab, you can see all the emails VirtualLab can recover before purchase. Get back your deleted emails now, quick and easy with VirtualLab!

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