Deleted File Recovery – Is It Possible?

Deleted File Recovery – Is It Possible?

Deleted file recovery can be performed by simply using Help! Data Recovery.

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Yes, it is. As a matter of fact, just because you have deleted a file doesn’t mean that it has been completely erased from the system. As a matter of fact, it would stay there until a new file has occupied the space that it has occupied before. It would still be there in your hard drive even after you have emptied out your recycle bin. On the other hand, deleted file recovery can be performed by simply using a file recovery program. Nevertheless, if the file has already been partially overwritten, then you can only recover a part of that file of yours. With that being said, you should avoid consuming the space occupied by your deleted file and so, don’t create a new file or download one to prevent it from being overwritten.

Depending on the deleted file recovery software that you have used, you would need to launch the software first and then choose the drive where you have saved your deleted file and then click on the scan button. If in case you haven’t found your file there, then you can choose the deep scan option. After the searching process, you would be provided with a list of the files that are present there. Click on your file and then select the recover button and that’s it, your files have now been fully recovered.

Just because you are always careful when using your laptop, smartphone, or any device that you have doesn’t mean that there would never come a time when you would accidentally delete some of your files. It’s not a problem if you have deleted the files that you no longer need but what if you have deleted a file that you would be needing to defend your thesis or a file for your presentation in the office? In such cases, you can rely on deleted file recovery.

First of all, there is a need for you to know that there are various factors that affect the success rate of your file recovery. For example, it has been a very long time already since you have deleted your files or you have recently defragmented your hard drive. This only means that there is a need for you to recover your data as soon as you have deleted it. Also, there would not be much problem on your part if your storage media has enough space for the files that you want to recover.

Why do you need to perform deleted file recovery?

There are various reasons for you to perform it but the most common reason for you to do that is because you need to recover an important file of yours. You may have deleted files accidentally or you have formatted your system by mistake, resulting to the deletion of your files. Your files can also be deleted it you have specified a wrong disk partition, your file system has been damaged or your hardware malfunctions.

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