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Volume Recover - Have a formatted drive or a damaged or lost partition? Volume Recover will perform an exhaustive scan, find your data, and show you the results in a Windows-like interface.

Undelete - Need to recover deleted files? No problem! Even though you deleted some files, often the files are still there, hidden from the Operating System. VirtualLab can bring lost files in a flash!

Lose Some Mail? - VirtualLab can recover that important deleted mail from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Get it back with VirutalLab!

CD/DVD Recovery - Optical disks are often a challenge for other recovery apps, but not with VirtualLab. Try VirtualLab with your optical and get results fast.

Camera Cards - Lost a photo you forgot to save to your computer? Don't fret! VirtualLab supports all camera card formats and can recover it quick!

RAID Recovery - VirtualLab can now recover RAID. This powerful tool is the only kind in it's industry.

Mac Friendly - VirtualLab for Windows can even recover Mac HFS/HFS+ volumes. We offer a Mac Version of VirtualLab, too!


What can I do with VirtualLab Free? The free version of VirtualLab allows you to recover up to 1 gigabyte of deleted files. If you need to recover something other than deleted files, then please consider supporting us by purchasing a standard version of VirtulLab. Prices start at just £29.00.

Will VirtualLab recover all my data? There's really only one way to know if VirtualLab can recover your data... you just need to try it out. Download our free trial and scan your disk. If you see the data you want to recover, then purchase an activation key.

How much does it cost? VirtualLab Windows Edition is available in four different activation versions. Each version offers a variety of features depending on the users recovery needs and requirements. Starting at the low price of £29.00, VirtualLab is the most used data recovery software to get your lost data back in a flash. And with a 1GB Risk Free trial, why wait? After all, over 10,000,000 downloads can't be wrong.

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