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Complete the form on this page and we'll email you a free 1GB (gigabyte!) activation numberthat will let you save some files and check them out.. perfect for 'trying before you buy'. We're so certain that you'll love VirtualLab, we're willing to let you try it risk free without asking you for a penny in return!

Need more than a meg free? We also offer smaller activation keys. For a bit of your spare change, you can make sure VirtualLab is right for you before going 'all in'. You can even upgrade that key later! Wait, we got your icing on the cake right here; in the unlikely event your small activation doesn't yield you ther results you were quite looking for, that purchase is covered by our exclusive data recovery guarantee! What are you waiting for? You can be recovering your lost or deleted files right now!

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    What can I say? I owe the guys at BinaryBiz big time. When one of the back-up drives I use for my business failed, I lost a ton of data, and even more importantly, some time sensitive reports. Luckily I found VirtualLab, and still managed to make my deadline. Thanks guys!

    - James Ashman Denver, CO

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