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Awesome Features

Its ease-of-use sets it apart from other data recovery software. Just pick the module and go!

Recover Deleted Email

VirtualLab can recover that important deleted mail from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. Get it back with VirutalLab!

CD/DVD Recovery

Optical disks are often a challenge for other recovery apps, but not with VirtualLab. Try VirtualLab with your optical and get results fast.

Volume Recover

Volume Recover will perform an exhaustive scan, find your data, and show you the results in a Windows-like interface.

Recover Deleted Files

Even though you deleted some files, often the files are still there, hidden from the Operating System. Help Data Recovery can bring lost files in a flash!

Photo Recovery

Lost a photo you forgot to save to your computer? Don't fret! Help Data Recovery supports all camera card formats and can recover it quick!

Windows Friendly

Data recovery for windows can even recover Mac HFS/HFS+ volumes. We offer a Mac Version of data recovery, too!

Professional and Affordable Data Recovery Software

According to research, over 6% of computers suffer data loss in any given year, with a total of 1.7 million incidents. Reports identify six main causes of data loss: starting off by hardware failure, human error (this includes accidental deletion), software file corruption, virusinfection, laptop theft, and hardware loss (including floods, lighting issues, power failure etc). Data loss can occur on almost any device that stores data, and is not just limited to PCS or desktop computers.

Although, any loss of data or even a simple minor misplacement is by definition strictly a loss, what usually is of our prime and imperative concern is the permanent loss of data that proves to be a clear obstruction in your business’ ongoing success. In this day and age with the growing advances in innovations and technology, recovering from data loss problems and complications is essential for the survival of your professional life. At BinaryBiz we offer you just the right solution to recover your deleted, damaged or lost files with our power data recovery tools.

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Why Our Customers Love Us..

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John L.

John L.

"Easily recovered my files. After formatting my computer I lost some of the files that I saved. I tried its free version first to see if it can recover my deleted files, after scanning the software displays the files that I wanted to recover. Bought its full version and, problem solved!"

Norman C.

Norman C.

"This tool can really save data. I used this tool a month ago to recover the important files that I need on my work, luckily it didn't failed my expectations. Virtuallab recovered them all and it saved me from a lot of stress and trouble."

Nasku B.

Nasku B.

"I recommend this tool. I use Virtuallab data recovery on recovering my photos on my formatted camera card. The software recovers every single photos that I lost without any damage on the quality of the images!"

Tara H.

Tara H.

"Saved my data. I was very happy when I found out that this tool can actually save files that are corrupted on my computer. I badly need them and this tool helped me save them!"