7 Reasons to Use Memory Card Recovery Software

7 Reasons to Use Memory Card Recovery Software

Backing up your memory is essential for any business. We’re giving you 7 reasons why you should use memory card recovery software for your business. Click here.

Gartner predicts that by 2027, there will be 8.4 billion connected “things.” Known as the Internet of Things, this network comprises all our electronic devices that cross-communicate and keep our businesses — and ourselves — plugged in.

Imagine, for a second, if one of those critical links were broken. Say, for instance, you lost the data stored on your laptop, either by accidental deletion or by a virus attack.

Just 10 years ago, that scenario would be challenging, but not detrimental. Yet today, that could mean losing valuable, irreplaceable information that could affect you both personally and professionally.

That’s where memory card recovery software comes in.

Designed to help users retrieve lost files from their devices, this software can prove priceless when it comes to restoring your data — and your peace of mind.

Today, we’re breaking down seven reasons why your business can’t afford to do without this support.

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1. We’re All Human

Though computer systems are allowing us to perform tasks more efficiently than ever before, the reality is that most business functions still require human input.

As such, there’s an inherent risk for human error.

We could unknowingly open a malicious, virus-ridden e-mail. We might close a critical file without saving it. We could fill up our virtual trash bins with documents we think are disposable, only to find out they’re not — and there’s nothing like that sinking feeling that hits when we’ve discovered the weight of our misstep.

Memory card recovery software provides a level of protection that reassures us that even if a data disaster hits, our files might not be lost — our sanity either.

2. It Could Help Your Company Compete

Sometimes, data loss happens on a wider scale. For instance, a major power outage could cause many businesses near you to lose their data.

When the power is restored, companies will be divided into two categories: those that utilize memory card recovery software to get back their lost files and those left scrambling to figure out how to move forward without the critical information they need.

If your business is in the former group, you’ll have a competitive edge, able to resume operations more quickly than others who lacked the foresight to invest in such business solutions.

3. You Can Ace Your Audit

There are many reasons why a business might need to retain documents and data for an extended period of time.

For example, some industries might need to keep records for regulatory compliance purposes. Others might have a client history that extends far back. You’ll also need to keep up with past information for tax-related purposes.

In the event of a business audit, it’s vital that you can pull up this information quickly and easily. There might also be inquiries about former transactions or communications that require you to dig up older files.

If these were inadvertently deleted or otherwise destroyed, it could negatively affect your results. Yet, with memory card recovery software, you can stand ready, able to obtain past data with ease.

4. It Reduces Costly Downtime

Statistics show that half of the companies that experience a major power outage are forced to close within five years.

The reasons behind these numbers are varied. Power outages can result in expensive, systems-wide damage. The data loss that occurs can also harm a company’s reputation and embroil it in messy legal issues.

In addition, when computer systems are down, operations are often forced to shut down as well. If this downtime is lengthy, it can render a business unable to thrive.

As a result, many companies find it easier to shut their doors.

Yet, memory card recovery software can help your business resume operations as quickly as possible after a data loss. Getting your teams back up and running reduces the resource drain that can occur while teams wait around for activity to resume.

5. Your Teams Can Avoid Rework

If you’ve ever prepared a lengthy document only to accidentally delete it, forcing you to start all over again, you know it’s not just emotionally painful, it’s physically draining.

As such, the second time around, the reworked document might not be as sharp and clean of errors as your first draft was.

The same goes for your teams. If they work hard on an assignment, only to lose all of it at the eleventh hour, their morale isn’t the only thing that could suffer — their productivity and work quality could too.

If this occurs, memory card recovery software can be an incredibly reassuring solution. Being able to retrieve data they thought was gone forever helps them avoid duplicate rework and keeps efficiency levels high.

6. You’ll Build Customer Trust

Consider your business’ digital records. Chances are, there are at least some documents that contain client information.

Some organizations might only keep the addresses and phone numbers of their customers. Yet, others might have highly sensitive customer data, including credit card numbers, health histories, financial information, and more.

This is especially true for businesses in the healthcare, retail, or banking industries. In these sectors and more, maintaining a failsafe lock on all customer data is essential. Doing so is not only a legal obligation — it’s vital to securing client trust.

If a data loss occurs, memory card recovery software can help you retrieve those all-important files. This can help you maintain your brand reputation and avoid a data breach that could be expensive in more ways than one.

7. It’s a Valuable Preventative Measure

According to research, digital data is set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42% through the year 2020.

In the 2010-2020 decade alone, the amount of data available in the world will grow 50 times. That’s a jump from one zettabyte (ZB) in 2010, to 50 zettabytes in 2020.

The step up from a zettabyte? It’s a yottabyte, the top level in the hierarchy of Big Data.

Against the backdrop of that explosive projected growth, one of the most important ways that a company can secure its future spot in this competitive landscape is to ensure its data is constantly protected.

To this end, memory card recovery software is one of the most important investments a company can make. Digital data isn’t going anywhere — so yours shouldn’t either.

All Is Not Lost: Your Memory Card Recovery Software Experts

Is your business in need of memory card recovery software to recover lost or deleted files? Are you looking for a future-minded solution to keep your company on the cutting edge of data control?

If so, we’d love to help.

We offer a range of file recovery services. From hard drives to e-mails, we restore some of your most important business assets.

Feel free to check out our solutions and contact us for support. We’ll help you get back to business!

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